WP 3

Traceability for the measurement of (S)VOC in indoor air and constant emitting materials for quality assurance purposes

The aim of this work package is to develop reference measurement methods and materials for the measurement of a selected list of volatile organic compounds with special focus on the challenging semi-volatiles at indoor air concentration levels, and to produce and test a constant VOC emitting material for the quality control of emission testing chambers.

The current state of the art in the field of SVOC measurement is mainly described in ISO 16000-6. These measurement methods refer to the thermal-desorption-method. In this work package the limitations with respect to sampling and measurement methods will be analysed and alternative approaches tried. The feasibility of preparing traceable and accurate reference standards in alternative sorbent tubes for traceability or quality control purposes will be investigated.

MACPoll_07_0.jpgParticularly challenging research activity within the same workpackage consists of preparing and screening a material (e.g. a lacquer material) that constantly emits one of the selected (S)VOCs. This material may become a candidate reference material for the quality control and quality assurance of emission testing.