VSL is the National Metrology Institute of the Netherlands. The chemistry group in VSL has more than 30 years of experience in the preparation and certification of gas mixtures, including those for air quality applications. The accuracy of the gravimetrically prepared mixtures is state-of-the-art and has been demonstrated in many international comparisons with other National Metrology Institutes. The chemistry group has a vast track record in the supply of reference gas mixtures for a wide range of compounds in a broad composition range. The group also has many years of experience in dynamic mixture preparation using diffusion and permeation techniques for preparing volatile organic compounds in air and reactive compounds in zero gas. It has a wide variety of state-of-the-art analytical equipment for analysis of all air quality gaseous compounds. VSL has several accrediations: ISO/IEC 17025 as calibration laboratory, Iso guide 34 as producer of Certified Reference Materials and ISO/IEC 17043 as organiser of Proficiency Testing schemes.

As a Member of ISO/TC 158 “Gas analysis”, VSL will lead the standardisation activities and the interaction with the zero gas producers, namely gas producers, gas purification systems and zero gas generators manufacturers.




The Finnish Meteorological Institute (“Ilmatieteen Laitos”; FMI) is a governmental institute, which produces high-quality observational data and research findings on the atmosphere and on seas. The Institute uses its expertise effectively to provide services that promote public safety and enhance well-being among people and in the environment. FMI is entitled as governmental expert institution in air quality by the national environmental legislation. Therefore FMI is responsible for air quality know-how, expertise and guidance required by the national and international authorities, and is thus providing data, results, methods, and assessments for various ministries and governmental agencies. Furthermore, FMI is responsible for conducting various assessments and studies required by the European Union legislation, such as EU Air Quality Directives. FMI has been nominated as a National Reference Laboratory (NRL) according to the Air Quality Directive, AQD, (2008/50/EC) and currently chair of the AQUILA network.

As a member of AQUILA, IL will interact with members of the AQUILA Network to disseminate the progress of the SIP, but also to ascertain current practices for zero gas preparation at the measurement stations in order to inform the development of the training course in certification of zero gases.  

FMI is also the Designated Institute (DI) for metrology in gas analysis in Finland. The main task of the FMI Standard Laboratory is to provide calibration service according to CIPM/MRA in the field of Air Quality. The laboratory is accredited as a calibration laboratory according to ISO 17025:2005 by FINAS.

FMI is the National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for Air Quality of Finland and chair of the AQUILA Network.